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Management Team

Murray Millander

Murray Millander

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Mr. Millander has over 40 years of experience in sales, marketing, contracting, engineering, and management. His companies have produced hundreds of Millions in sales. In Strategic Partnership with Brooklyn Union Gas, Mr. Millander’s company (MWSK) was the first to market the two stage Absorption Chiller in the USA, and literally launched the absorption chiller cogeneration market.

Murray founded Distributed Energy Solutions, Inc. (DES) in San Diego and markets cogeneration systems. UCSD, Qualcomm, Marriott, Equity Offices, Scripps Oceanographic, Turner, Trump, The Daily News, Hilmar Cheese and other builders, owners and developers have used his companies’ expertise, services and equipment. DES in alliance with Solar Turbines, has provided Qualcomm, the world’s most efficient, lowest emissions Co-generation systems. DES has provided the world’s largest Fuel cell co-generation cooling system to UCSD. Murray has created strategic alliances with manufactures, engineers and contractors to design and market the most advanced and efficient green energy power, cooling and heating solutions.

Mr. Millander is the author of “POWER”, a compilation of successful sustainable large scale systems.

Murray has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cooper Union, NYC, and advanced studies with other institutions.

Paul Hewitt

Paul Hewitt

President and Co-Founder

As President, Paul is tasked with driving top line growth, securing innovative technology partners, and to develop and grow the sales channel of Dealers and Reps, including managing a team of specialists in our vertical target industries.

Mr. Hewitt is a proven sales veteran, managing and driving sales results at high technology industry leaders such as Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard, Engineous Software; purchased by Dassault Systemes, and Amplidata; purchased by Western Digital. Success at startups in evangelizing innovative solutions and driving revenue growth has been a passion for Paul, playing key contributor and sales management roles in these companies, resulting in successful exits.

Paul graduated with Cum Laude Honors, BA in Business Administration from Washington State University.