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Air and Dry Cooled Condensers

Indirect Dry Cooling System

Air Cooled Condenser

The Air cooled condenser is a large industrial heat exchanger which uses the air in nature to cool (condensate) processing fluid. Compared to the water cooled method, it boasts advantages of not requiring a local high volume water source, saving cooling water and reducing environmental pollution, and much lower maintenance costs. There are power plant air cooled condenser and petrochemical air cooled condenser product versions, according to different applications.

The traditional power plant uses water cooled systems to cool the steam turbine exhaust vapor by large open cooling towers, requiring huge volumes of water.

The Shuangliang Eco-Energy air cooled condenser consumes only 1/4 of the water required for traditional water cooled power plants.

See the China TV Special covering the story behind the Research and Development of the Shuangliang Air Cooled Condenser, which through Shangliang Eco-Energy innovation, reduced the capital cost of the solution by 75% when compared to competitive solutions.