Agriculture Grow
Facility Cooling

Agriculture growers, including the rapidly expanding sector for large Cannabis growers, require reliable, low temperature chilled water supplied to the Air Handling Unit coils for dehumidification purposes all year round, typically 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

Many of these large growers are installing Combined Cooling Heating and Power Plants (CCHP), including Shuangliang Absorption Chillers and Balance of Plant equipment from ENRGISTX.


The CCHP Plants can be quite large, providing 50MW or more through multiple natural gas driven reciprocating or turbine generators, and require thousands of tons of chilled water.  

Shuangliang absorption chillers are ideal for this application, with the ability to supply low chilled water supply temperatures (as low as 23°F, typically 38°- 40°F for dehumidification), utilizing multiple sources of waste heat from the electric generators.

Shuangliang Absorption Chiller’s can be configured to receive hot water, with large delta temperature ranges and still maintain high efficiencies, up to 0.81 COP.

Shuangliang Flue-Gas Absorption Chillers utilize ultra-reliable Water Tube Design High Temperature Generators, delivering efficiencies of up to 1.46 COP. 

Multi-Energy Absorption Chillers from Shuangliang provide combinations of flue-gas with hot water, and optionally can be configured with a third Direct Fired Section to provide additional cooling to the load, which exceeds the available cooling from the waste heat source(s).

Shuangliang absortion chiller’s unique and patented features which deliver robust, reliable and resilient operations set them apart from other absorption chiller alternatives, and this robust and resilient operation is critical for Cannabis Growers.  

If the cooling supply is interupted for an extnded period from an absorption chiller unplanned service outage, this could cost millions of dollars in lost revenue.  

Shuangliang has received multiple International Awards for uninterupted operations and consistent cooling output over the chillers service life exceeding 20 years.  


The Green Organic Dutchman Facility
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

In some cases, the facilities are located in areas where there is limited water supply available for cooling towers. Therefore, the use of Dry Coolers requires the absorption chillers (and electric chillers) to operate with a high cooling water supply temperature in the summer months.


The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD) Facility in Hamilton, Ontario Canada, installed a Shuangliang Double Lift Composite Hot Water Absorption Chiller, providing up to 562 Tons of 42°F chilled water.   This composite design chiller will produce no higher than 44°F chilled water with cooling water temperatures of up to 102°F in the peak summer days.

Pictured at right, the absorption chiller being rigged into place within the energy plant building.

If you are an agricultural grower interested in the most robust, reliable and resilient absorption chilling solution, click the link to request product information and to be contacted for a free evaluation and proposal.