Industrial Waste Heat Process Cooling

Industrial waste heat process cooling with absorption chillers is one of the most compelling and valuable uses for absorption chillers. Many industrial processes produce steam or hot water to drive the process, and there is lower pressure and/or temperature waste steam or hot water, which can be utilized with absorption chillers to produce chilled water used to cool various industrial processes.

If absorption chillers are not utilized, then electric chillers are used, which require significant amounts of electricity. The typical cost of this electricity avoided to drive electric chillers could pay for the absorption chiller system in less than two years, sometimes less than a year!

Ideal Application


Selected SHUANGLIANG ECO-ENERGY to provide (10) 1504 Ton Hot Water Absorption Chillers.

The chillers are used to reduce the temperature of the lean residual water to the Ethylene Oxide Reactor, thereby significantly increasing the plant output.


1504 Ton Hot Water Absorption Chiller
with Explosion Proof Design being prepared
for shipment to ExxonMobil

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